Commercial Monitoring Services

Female and male security coworkers

24/7 Monitoring


The highly trained Alert Alarm team in our Honolulu-based monitoring center is on alert for your system’s burglary, fire, and video system’s alarms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On average, Alert Alarm initiates a response to your system’s emergency signal in 30 seconds or less.




Repair and Maintenance Agreements


Alert Alarm provides a complete product maintenance and repair service for a monthly fee that includes: transportation, parts, and labor for systems that have been installed by Alert Alarm.





Relocation Service


Alert Alarm values your business. We understand that people and businesses often relocate to different homes and facilities, which is why we offer a relocation service. This service is our commitment to you that we will relocate your system and install a new system of equivalent size to your new property for a one time fee of $125.00, assuming you sign a new contract with Alert Alarm Hawaii.